Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Rock and Roll Couple | Celine Chaplin | London Wedding Photographer

I couldn't wait to get these pictures edited for the blog, so much so that I put a sneak peek up last week..
And here they finally are, the very cool Kate and Mike, who's wedding reception in London's Piccadilly was a feast of fun and frolics.

They were way too cool for school, and have just moved out to LA, they both work for a record label and they're even living at the same apartments that Nirvana stayed in when they recorded Nevermind!

We got the chance to escape their Wedding reception/leaving party to go over to Piccadilly Circus and have a bit of fun walking around the bustling streets... They were so natural together and I think they enjoyed the time, especially when tourists kept saying 'Congratulations' to them! How sweet!

I hope you like the pics!

The following pictures won't make a lot of sense without a mention from Kate!

"Mike has always been known for his long hair and ahead of the move to LA he decided to cut it off for a change. He raised £700 for charity and everyone at the party chipped in had a got at being hair stylists. Luckily he had the chop after the wedding and not before, as a haircut by about 25 people in the party spirit wasn't going to look pretty! He had a small tufty ponytail on top of his head from where someone had missed a bit. great look!"

Everyone was so taken with Mike's haircut and he received a massive round of applause after his ordeal. What a great and worthwhile thing to do... That's definitely the most random thing I've experienced at a wedding!

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