Wednesday, 24 March 2010

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Well Oiled Engagement Party

I sometimes think I have the best job in the world... and that sentiment was true at the engagement of my lovely friends Jessica and Richard in sunny Southend two weeks ago.
My man and I were invited as guests but I couldn't for one minute resist taking my camera to get some snaps of the happy couple's friends and family as well as enjoy the odd glass of wine or two! I had a great time flitting between the guests and introducing myself as their official photographer, I'm a sociable person... I can't help myself.

We had such a great time chatting and having a laugh with everyone and it was a great night out. I do wonder how I wound up with such a wicked job taking pictures of people..... I'm a lucky gal that's for sure!

Jess and Richard are getting married in December at the beautiful Leez Priory near Chelmsford. It was the first venue I photographed when I was getting started out in wedding photography all those years ago and I just couldn't believe how gorgeous it was and still is... I can't wait until my dear friend Jessica gets hitched, but there's plenty more to snap inbetween now and then, so feast your eyes on some of the engagement pics...


Monday, 22 March 2010

Can You Get More Rock And Roll Than This?

I was going through some of my past work recently and happened to stumble over the wedding of Steve and Amanda who got married at The Lawns in Rochford, Essex.

Their wedding was a relatively small affair and as soon as I'd arrived I could tell I was going to be in for a treat...
Amanda wore a dress that was so gorgeous and shapely that she reminded me of a young Jane Russell and she exuded elegance with her pillar box red lipstick and her vintage veil as well as the most amazing lace cape....
Steve wore a dapper grey and blue suit with his trademark glasses and not forgetting the harmonica!

Steve is a very cool cat and fronts his own band called West Weston’s Bluesonics who play regularly at Ain't Nothin But in Soho; a blues bar I consider to have the best atmosphere and coolest music in London town.

Their guests were made up of a hotpotch of performers and musicians and I had a feeling that the evening's revelries were going to be special when they started arriving with their instruments and sound equipment.

After the intimate ceremony and the emotional speeches there was no other thing for it but to party. Steve got the party under way with his band and got everyone dancing, including Amanda who didn't seem to mind the first dance getting sidetracked.
And sure enough all of Steve's friends took turns on the mike/piano/bass and played and played and played...

Here's a couple of pics of the lovely couple and hopefully I'll root out some more of all their guests boogie-ing on down!!!


Happy Gorgeous Weddings

Here are some lovely pictures from my past weddings...

New Exciting Shiny Blog

Ooh I'm so excited... I'm starting a new blog to show everyone all my new pictures from Weddings, Gorgeous Italian albums, Engagements, Parties and everything in between...

Coming soon... some lovely pics from Jessica and Richard's engagement party! Can't wait