Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tart at 40 Winks

I had the pleasure of photographing the very wonderful Tart at 40 WiNKS on the 24th July. 40 WiNKS is the home and hotel owned by a fine gentleman who goes by the name of David Carter.
Upon my arrival he didn't believe my photographer status as he said I looked much too glamourous to be a photographer... He's a real charming gent and made everyone at ease and welcomed us into his home as if we were long lost friends.
Running proceedings and helping his guests settle into the magical atmostphere were the wonderful Naomi of Vintage Secret and Fleur de Guerre who writes the fabulous Diary of a Vintage Girl and who shared her expertise in living a very vintage lifestyle.

Serving up delightful treats of cupcakes and sandwiches and gin out of teapots was our very own flapper girl from Vintage Patisserie. I was so excited to indulge in a little cake from the amazing and now quite famous Vintage Patisserie (look here) that I got slightly distracted!

There was so much to entertain all the ladies with make overs from Benefit and vintage hairstyles from the Lipstick and Curls girls so all the ladies could have a beautiful face and victory rolls to match!
Then there was a whole room dedicated to dress up with a fine array of vintage dresses for the guests to try on... There were accessories a plenty to try on courtesy of Uma Turan Milinery, jewelry from Passionate About Vintage and Pauper and Plush and I captured a few of the ladies trying the gorgeous hats on...

I also happened to meet a group of gals celebrating their friend's hen party. Annis is the lovely girl who's getting married in October and I managed to get some great pics of her and her friends enjoying the day. What an absolutely novel and refined way to spend your hen party, having makeovers and your hair done and playing dress up! And it finishes at 6pm sharp so what better preparation to head out onto the town to carry on the party! I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in planning a hen part with a twist.

Enough of my blurb for now and here's some of the pics from the day!

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