Sunday, 4 July 2010

Mad Hatters Tea Party In Waterloo

Ooh yay! There's some new additions to our fireplace this evening! Adding to my ever growing collection of beautiful teapots, milk jugs, and beautiful fine bone china tea cups is something very special.

My lovely east-end grandparents live in Brighton in an area awash with lots of amazing charidee of my fave past times is roaming around the shops looking for a vintage treasure or two. My current item du jour is anything tea related, so tea cups and teapots are my new prized possessions.

So when my granny called me up and said she's spotted some beautiful Coalport tea cups and matching teapot I begged her to get them for me! And today I finally got them in my possession.

Here's some pictures of them in their new home on my fireplace, fit for a mad hatter, as well a tasty little cupcake courtesy of Bonnie and Adam's lovely wedding yesterday. ps the cupcake was very tasty!

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