Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Low Light In The Crypt | St.Pauls Cathedral | Celine Chaplin Wedding Photographer

I recently went to St.Pauls for a look around in preparation for the wedding of Annis and Dom, who will be having their ceremony in the OBE Chapel.
I'm so excited about their wedding.

Having been to St.Pauls to watch the Ballet, Organ recitals and the afternoon choir I saw it in a totally different light on this visit - rather than a tourist destination it is a vibrant and busy place of worship. It must be amazing to get married there. Unfortunately for me, my parents don't hold OBEs so I can't get married there but I do get to photograph a beautiful couple so all is good :)

I literally can't wait!

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  1. Lovely pictures Celine (except for that last one where you've slightly got your arm in shot).