Monday, 26 April 2010

Hectic Few Days

It's Monday and the end of four manic days of running about like some kind of mental girl and I'm now able to relax, chill and reflect upon my latest shoots and start the long editing process!
I spent most of my time traveling between London to Essex, back to London and then to Surrey, then to Brighton and back to Surrey and then finally back to my home in London with just enough time to catch a glimpse of the marathon runners around Canary Wharf.... Argh!

So after a few cups of tea with my lovely new Teapot from Liberty (pictures coming soon) I will be able to share with you some lovely pics and my latest escapades!

Here's a couple of photos from yesterday with the lovely Adriano and Ami who are getting married in August and they brought along their beautiful and might I add very cheeky 3 year old daughter Arwen. She was so much fun and had us running around after her all afternoon!

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